World 1st PowerStrip
Designed for Table

65W PD
Charging Speed

Intelligent Charging

Stay Stylish Stay Elegant

Non-blocking Clutter Free

kind of Apple-inspired in its design

Eyesore to Eyecandy

Made with the highest standard of
fireproof material in the industry,
PowerCloud provides 10-fold
protection for you and your
expensive devices.

Creative tech company producing
highly-efficient products. PowerCloud
was born to save tons of time and
rid of any low-battery emergency,
fast-charging your MacBook to 55%
in just 30 mins without any adapter
and clutter. Smart IC in-built ensures
optimized charging while never
hurting batteries.

Ideal charging solution. Equipped
with 3 AC outlets, 2 USB C(65W&20W)
, 1 USB A(18W), PowerCloud employs an
auto-sensing technology to
identify the optimal current for
all your smart devices and meets
the diverse power needs for
work and play of the whole family.

Redefines the power strip. Elevated
from a tool on the floor to an
ornament on a desktop, PowerCloud is
turning your bulky power strip into
an art piece to decorate your house no
matter on an office desk, conference table,
TV cabinet, or nightstand. It will
deliver a steady stream of clean
power for your Apple devices in
harmonious beauty.

Upholds Less-Is-More
philosophy. One cable is just enough
for charging all your smart devices
including hungry laptops. Dual
charging directions separate USB
and wall charging to achieve tidy
and effective charge. PowerCloud
will make your desk clutter-free
and your mind stress-free.

Apple-Inspired Aesthetics

Soulmates for your iPhone and Mac

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