Trying to go number two while holding your phone texting or trying to take a bath holding your tablet Netflixing is next to impossible… until now. The iSwift Roboarm is the perfect hands-free phone/tablet holder featuring a flexible yet sturdy multi-joint design that mimics a robot arm, mounting easily to virtually any surface and adjusting effortlessly to almost any angle. Just keep the iSwift Roboarm in the bathroom for easy use and spend your private potty time being cathartic and productive!


Bathroom Time in

A Handsfree


The Most Versatile
and Universal

iSwift Roboarm accommodates practically every type of device, regardless of brand, model, or thickness, and can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode.

Maximum suction

Easy Installation

Go Handsfree

Wherever You Are




Durable and Strong


Keep any device secure

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