PowerCloud Futuristic Desktop Charging Station

Born from efficiency. Made with style.

Hi, Productivity! Goodbye, Messes!

Introducing Powercloud, a futuristic desktop charging station designed for tiding up your workspace and speeding up your workflow.

Keep all your everyday-life gadgets powered up and ready at hand with a simple, sleek form that adds style to your desktop. The powerful outlets and ingenious design reduce adapter and cable messes — so you can be more focused and productive at the desk.

6 in 1

Charge Simultaneously


PD3.0 Type-C

4X Faster

Than Other Power Strips

“if you’ve been working from home over these past few months then perhaps you’ve become accustomed to living with cluttered extension cords and bulky power strips. This is where Powercloud come in with the world’s first to achieve the highest PD 65W USB output in the smallest enclosure on the market.”
“If you are a person who prefer to have the power strip on your desk, then you are going to love the PowerCloud. Torras PowerCloud is a power strip and a USB hubs rolled into one. And it is not just not any USB hubs. It stakes claim as the world’s power strip with a Power Delivery fast charging tech.”
“Not only does the PowerCloud support PD 3.0 fast charge technology through its dual USB-C ports but also QC3.0 through the USB-A port rated at 18W, able to charge compatible devices up to 4 times faster than a conventional USB power strip.”

Designed to Redesign Charging Statio

Plugs, chargers, adapters, cables, in conjunction, bring messes to your desk. Powercloud is a natural cable organizer thanks to its unique orthogonal layout of AC and USB ports. With AC plugs facing upwards and running toward the back and USB connectors facing front toward the user, the cables automatically steer clear of each other to minimize fusses and maximize productivity.

Charge Without A Charger

Forget about fumbling for the right adapters when trying to charge your laptop. Instead, just plug and play. Equipped with 65W Power Delivery3.0, its Type-C port is capable of charging your MacBook at full speed. Up your charging game by fuelling six devices at once without breaking a sweat.

Transform Your Desktop with Lighting

A simple push on the on/off switch button not only activates Powercloud, but also turns on a strip of elegant-looking fluorescent green LED that glows in the dark, which spruces up the working or gaming ambiance for a better experience.

For Ultimate Safety Without Compromise

When it comes to safety, Powercloud does not settle. It has 10-fold military grade safety features including strong joule and dataline protection to ensure you, your family and devices are in the hands of professionals, for the ultimate peace of mind.

Set Up Your Workstation Your Way

Great for Work

Great for Game

Great for Tabletop

Perform at your best with this powerful and aesthetic charging station on your desk. Stable power for non-stop entertainment and productivity; stylin’ look to avoid distraction and remain focused, so you can work and play like a pro.

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