About Fansclub

Gang Wang, the chief designer of Fansclub, has been in this industry for more than ten years. He has designed many excellent products in Lepow, and has won the love of many users.
When he decided to form his own design team, he named his design team Fansclub.
Because during these ten years, the love and support of fans is the original intention and motivation for his design. Fansclub’s design is firmly designed from the user’s point of view, and the products are designed to create a new and comfortable experience for users.
With the same philosophy and dream, Fansclub and iSwfit started the iSwift Journey together.
What does Fansclub create?
Looking at the current market, product designs are gradually becoming similar. When a new product idea is generated, many products that follow the trend will continuously appear. This also leads to the lack of innovation and freshness of the products on the market.
Fansclub wants to break this situation and design unique products that do not follow the trend.
Every Fansclub design is in pursuit of new technology, to make a unique and truly applicable product for fans.
“We are not creating products, we are creating a way of life.”
Starting from the user’s sense of experience, the created products give users a new experience and a new way of life.
Each piece of Fansclub is more than a product, it also represents a more efficient and comfortable way of life.

What makes Fansclub different?

It is not only the idea that makes Fansclub’s products unique, but also the ultimate pursuit of details. This is why we are confident that our products cannot be imitated.
Fansclub’s pursuit of details is reflected in the calculation of each parameter of the product, so that the function and performance of the product can be better presented to users.
The materials we use are also of the highest standard to make the products durable. The packaging design of each product and the choice of packaging materials can also reveal the details and texture of iSwift.
“For a truly great product, details matter.”


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