PowerCloud Charging Station Review

PowerCloud Charging Station Review

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The ONE Desk Accessory You NEED! | iSwift PowerCloud! — By Fernando Silva

"I think it is a must-have for any desk setup, maybe a shelf setup for any person that needs kinds of a center charging hub for their home, desk or office."
"From a build quality perspective, I really like it and I do think that it matches my aesthetics perfectly because I have the white table top with the black leather accents. It fits nicely."

The Ultimate Modern Power Strip! | iSwift Power Cloud Review — By Eric Hernandez

"Most power strips are just very basic boring bulky boxes, but this company is charging that actually made power strips that actually complement your desk rather than be an eyeshore."
”This included a 65W USB-C port right there. In comparison, my MacBook Pro includes a 45W charger, which is this giant box you see, so now whenever I want to charge my MacBook Pro, instead of having to carry around this box and plug it in, all I gotta do is bring my USB cord."
"PowerCloud comes in a white gloss plastic casing which has a fitting cloud-like appearance. There are black accents on the unit as well as a small touch of green."
"Cables can also be routed behind the PowerCloud once they're plugged into the outlets, allowing for organization and hiding. I found this complete kit also fits perfectly into a computer setup due to its modern technical appearance."
"This is basically a very fancy power extension hub where you can go ahead and plug in a bunch of your devices and it's going to charge them all very fast and all at the same time, and it does look pretty, stylish as well. ”

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